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No Labels, No Limits podcast

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Mar 7, 2019

It's been a pleasure to interview today's guest, Carol Hampton Rasco, who I met back when she was working in The White House during the Clinton campaign. She has such a vast array of experiences, from being a teacher to her time in politics to advancing to the role of CEO. She has since retired, leaving more time to embrace reading and committing to the arts and policy issues of the disabled.

She gave us a few words of wisdom during her interview. "A very wise professor said to me, if you are going to work with children and families, you need to first teach school." She took that advice, got her teaching degree and taught and counseled children and never looked back.  

When asked about a lesson she learned at a young age, it was her grandmother that had the most influence saying, "I have found that if you put on your best manners and always wear a smile...if you just remained calm and wear a big smile, you can do a lot of things in life."

Her parting words are, "Whether like in my case you have a child with a disability, you work for in a political atmosphere and bear the brunt of all that entails or head a national non-profit that has the bottom fall out due to funding cuts, follow your passion!"

Learn more about Carol and connect here:

IG: @typewriter_red 

TW: @CHRasco

FB: Carol Hampton Rasco