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No Labels, No Limits podcast

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Jan 3, 2019

Silence Your Inner Pig and Never Binge Eat Again! Today's guest, Glenn Livingston PhD, gives a fun and insightful interview. Glenn is a formerly obese and food-obsessed psychologist that has learned how to leave binge eating behind. 

When asked what his favorite part about his work is, he says, "The most exciting thing is giving people their lives back. Anybody that has actually been stuck with overeating may feel like it's ruining their lives. Like, you know, having a bowl of M&M's seems like a good idea at the moment, but then you spend the day recovering from it and thinking about and it overtakes your mind. The mental obsession drives you crazy and you're not present for life. In mindfulness, we would call this the "monkey mind chatter" and what I think I've discovered is a shortcut or a hack to eliminate the monkey mind so that you can be present in life and people tell me that they have their life back." 


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