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No Labels, No Limits podcast

Welcome to No Labels, No Limits podcast hosted by Sarah Boxx! Please share and leave your comments to help us spread the word - enjoy!

Dec 27, 2018

Our guest, Donna Blevins, is quite an amazing woman with an even more incredible story. She has overcome great hurdles (surviving a stroke and learning to speak again) to become the successful speaker, coach and poker player she is today. Listen in as our 6'5" guest shares unique insights into mind-shift changes. 

"I believe that the whole key to our mindset, to our mind shifting, is the words that we choose and the words that we say. My motto has become 'the words we choose, set ourselves up for either success or a failure' because whatever we say, our subconscious hears it as a reality, whether it is or not because our subconscious has no filters. The subconscious is a perfect recorder. It is simply a lousy playback system because it plays back what has been anchored in your subconscious with highly charged emotions."

She leaves us with a final piece of wisdom when facing insurmountable odds, "Remember this, remember to breathe and remember to watch your breath as you breathe, regardless of what you're doing, when you're amidst something that's bothering you. If you think, okay, just take a breath and you take a breath and watch the breath as it goes down into your lungs. And as you exhale, exhale through pursed lips, that moment, one breath and you will come back to the moment. And mindfulness is the key to shifting your mindset and being proactive and taking conscious, consistent action rather than spending your life being a reactive person who continually shoots themselves in the foot. So just take a breath."

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