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No Labels, No Limits podcast

Welcome to No Labels, No Limits podcast hosted by Sarah Boxx! Please share and leave your comments to help us spread the word - enjoy!

Nov 1, 2018

Listen in on our 40th episode as we interview our guest, Dr. Virginia LeBlanc. She is an amazing woman of many talents: an author, a speaker, a singer, a coach, consultant, and educator who has mastered the ability to traverse diverse industries through her divergent thinking.
"Heart health is so important in all that we do because if our heart is not right, again, working toward that self love and unconditional self love, we, it, it's more difficult to be productive in your personal life as well as your professional life. When we know how to love and lead ourselves, then we can love and lead people. "
"...getting over that fear of the unknown, of whether or not someone's going to like you, or whether or not you're going to say the right things. I think when you approach things with the right heart, the right mindset, it's going to translate and those who need to hear your message will hear it and be affected by it."
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Instagram: @authordrleblanc

Twitter: @drleblanconline

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