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No Labels, No Limits podcast

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Aug 16, 2018

Women play such a vital role in music, not only in the past, but today as well. In this episode, we interview lead singer and multi-instrumental musician Jackie Auguste and bass player Andy Ramjattan of the Pop Rock band, Across The Board. They come together to share their unique story and give us practical business advice on managing all aspects of a music career. In a few short years, they've experienced so much success, culminating with their second album, SONIC BOOM, just released May 5th, 2018.

When asked about their musical success, Jackie says, "You need to know about social marketing, social media marketing. You need to know what the trends are and what's changing, where you should be now. You also have to have your own website or a landing page." When asked about challenges she's faced, Jackie says, "We as artists have to help other artists come into their own. Don't be scared to put something that's less than polished either. People want to see the struggle."

Andy gives great advice when he says, "Be happy about what you're doing and it'll take you to that next level, only when you're having fun and you like what you do."

Across The Board has contributed to some amazing causes and has worked closely with a non-profit group that supports Ovarian Cancer in Canada. They recently collaborated and wrote a song called "She's Listening" which was given to the charity.

When discussing advice that we might give to our younger selves, she says, "Every kid should learn how to read music, learn the basic chords on a guitar, learn to sing a few notes and learn how to play in rhythm on a tambourine."

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