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No Labels, No Limits podcast

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Aug 2, 2018

We are celebrating influential women in music, you should too! Today we interview Madelyn Victoria, a talented vocalist and songwriter from Deep South Texas, who has made a career in the Country Music industry, charting a #1 hit single on AM/FM boards.

When asked what she most enjoys about her career, she says, "My vision is just being out on the road and enjoying the good parts of touring - taking in the scenery, my band, the live music scene. That's my favorite thing to do." 

We follow her story and learn how she began performing at a very young age and how her love for music and stage progressed. How did she accomplish so much by age 28? She mentions, "I actually speak out and write down goals every day. Whether the actual goal comes true or not, I know my destination."

"You just have to do what what you feel is right in your heart. And that's exactly what I'm doing when I'm on the road and when I'm being inspired with my band."

Not everything in life is easy or runs smoothly, exactly how we predicted. We all struggle at times, but what gets us through? Madelyn has some great words of wisdom, "Sometimes I get down due to negative negativity around me, but for the majority of the time, you have to have a "bulletproof mindset". You have to choose to ignore the negativity around you, the negative people, and just stay true to who you are."

Learn more about Madelyn and her rise to success here:
Facebook: @madelynvictoria