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No Labels, No Limits podcast

Welcome to No Labels, No Limits podcast hosted by Sarah Boxx! Please share and leave your comments to help us spread the word - enjoy!

Jul 19, 2018

This week we interview Ed Tate, an award-winning international Keynote speaker, trainer, and author. Worldwide he is known as “The Speaker Who Energizes, Educates, and Entertains.” He won the “American Idol of Public Speaking” and became the 2000 World Champion of Public Speaking. Ed also earned the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation from the National Speakers Association.

In this episode, Ed shares his life experiences through storytelling. One of his many insights is "you have to learn how to not be concerned about other people's opinions or other people's judgments. Don't let the trolls, or what you think someone might say about you stop you from your job or your position or your dream or your aspiration." 

Through all his success, what is one piece of advice Ed offers? "Don't go solo. Find a mentor. Find someone who's already doing what you like. it's up to you to ask. Einstein had a concept called folding time. Typically we think of time as linear - to get from here to there, it takes a certain amount of time. Folding time is basically how much can you get done in a shorter period of time. Coaches help you get there faster, as opposed to you doing it yourself."

Learn more about Ed and his accomplishments as a speaker and coach here: