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No Labels, No Limits podcast

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May 31, 2018

Serial dating is something our next guest mastered on his way to finding his perfect match. Malcolm and Simone share their story of how they met and became a great duo, helping each other develop their character sheet and beginning the process of transformation together. From there, they created a non-profit, wrote an amazing book (originally written for their future children), and helped many others on their way to find their purpose and objective function. 

"Most people just let life happen to them. And, whatever it is, it just hits them by chance. It happens to fall in their lap, is what they do, what they become, what they believe. And, what we're strong proponents of is: No, no, don't just accept what life throws at you. Don't just believe what you grew up hearing. Actually go and find what you believe and want." - Simone

"The core thing that I think people need to accept, that our society doesn't really get across to people, there are two major decisions that you get to make in life. They are yours, and you have ownership over the results of those two decisions.
First is, what you believe. That can be anything from politics to religion, to the way you think people interact, to the value of friends. You get to choose all of those things.
The second, is you get to choose who you are. You don't get to be somebody who gets mad and yells at someone. And then say, 'Oh, I have no control over that, that's just who I am.' You choose who you are." -Malcolm
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The Pragmatist's Guide to Life

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