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No Labels, No Limits podcast

Welcome to No Labels, No Limits podcast hosted by Sarah Boxx! Please share and leave your comments to help us spread the word - enjoy!

Mar 8, 2018

Meg Price is considered a “go-all-in, thoughtful, and fearless person” when she sets her sights on a goal. That’s how it was when she graduated with a degree and desire to work with juvenile delinquents and then learned she’d have to leave her home town to find a job. So she drove 3,000 miles west to a county in Nevada of fourteen thousand square miles and only 800 people to go after her goal. She’s known and respected as a career counselor, organizational development specialist, consultant, and artist. In this interview Meg shares how she dealt with her husband’s near fatal skiing accident, handles life’s constant changes, and prepares for and goes after her own personal and professional goals.

“I don't see obstacles, I see challenges. And when I see challenges I look for opportunities. And it all shifts pretty quickly in my head, from obstacles to challenges, to opportunities.”